Software Development

Current Project We have developed Windows-based software for investigation and analysis of spectra for the RRUFF™ Project. This software, called CrystalSleuth, is capable of analyzing and manipulating both Raman and powder diffraction data sets. Utilizing robust routines, we remove background noise and cosmic ray events from patterns with a convenient interface that also permits comparison of multiple spectra. CrystalSleuth can automatically locate and store peak positions, refine the unit cell from powder diffraction patterns, as well as search/match by referencing peak positions against the online database. Additionally it offers a user definable environment to maximize individual productivity.

Download CystalSleuth Raman Quick Start Guide (PDF).

CrystalSleuth - Raman Search
CrystalSleuth is capable of searching a user supplied Raman pattern against the RRUFF™ Project database.

This Software is designed to be very user-friendly. The expert and the hobbyist alike have access to powerful tools at the touch of a button.
CrystalSleuth - File Manipulation
Files can be easily manipulated with automatic background reduction, reversable X-axis display, cosmic-ray removal, as well as many other tools.

CrystalSleuth - Xray Diffraction Peak Fitting
X-ray Diffraction patterns are no obstacle for CrystalSleuth. Easily identify patterns, refine and determine cell parameters.